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Call for Grant Proposal to Support National Fisheries Network/Coalition in Coastal Area of Cambodia

Objectives of the grant

To establish and coordinate Cambodia Coalition of Community Fisheries in Coastal Cambodia (Kampot, Kep, Preah Sihanouk and Koh Kong province).



Key deliveries

  • Regional coalition set up by mid-years 2. At least 3 meetings with attendance by CFi from all 4 coastal provinces. Plans made for collaborative actions to protect interests of community fisheries.
  • Fishery Network/ Coalition institutional documentation and records minutes of the meetings, list of coalition members. Activity reports of Fisheries Network/ Coalition.
  • Coordinate to develop campaign and advocacy plan and follow-up.



Types of activities

  • Facilitate administrative activities, member mobilization, network coordination
  • Facilitate to produce and follow up the regional network’s operational and campaign/advocacy plans
  • Facilitate/coordinate joint advocacy/campaign at regional and national levels


Selection criteria

  • Experience in coordinating fisheries coalition/network in Cambodia, at regional and/or national level.
  • Have strength in empowering fishery communities and network in collective campaign and advocacy.
  • Being able to provide stated services and activities within agreed timeframe and resources
  • Having existing/on-going similar activities and relationship with the TWG-CFi is a plus
  • Being able to carry out procurement using own policies and in alignment with ActionAid Cambodia’s policies and compliance with the EU’s rule and regulation (with the support of ActionAid Cambodia).
  • Registered Cambodian NGO or recognized network/coalition by MoI or competence authority.


Total grant

Total maximum grant: EUR20,000

Maximum duration: 28 Months from August 2020 – November 2022


The cost under this grant may cover network capacity building workshop, small scale research, meeting/forum organising, support cost for travel of the community and local authority participants, and operation costs (staff, travel, office and other overhead) of the third party.

When selected, the detail plan and budget will be jointly developed.



003-TOR-third party-National Coliation02.pdf
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Application Form for Sub-grant_sth (003-TOR and 004-TOR)_2.pdf
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