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The Photo was taken during the school inauguration at Ta Meak  Primary Shool.

Strengthening access to quality education for children in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia

Funded by Guy’s Trust, Implemented Partner PfDA


Project Aim

To construct a school building with 5 classrooms in Ta Meak Primary School to support more than 105 students to have access to proper school building and basic hygienic facilities and playground.


Outcome 1: 105 children in Ta Meak Primary School can enjoy better quality education through improved classroom facilities, school equipment and a playground.

  • Build one-five room school building in Ta Meak Primary School
  • Classroom materials (tables, chairs, white board, and small background)
  • Provision of learning materials including reading books, education toys and book shelve
  • Train teachers on resilience local life skill teaching and learning metholodology

Outcome 2: Students and teachers at Ta Meak Primary School benefit from improved quality of teaching and learning

  • Setting up of school garden for local life skill training

Outcome 3: School governance is strengthening through training on core rights in school, and accountability of local authorities is increased.

  • Training to school support committee on promoting rights in school assessment and influencing skills
  • Support school support committee and school management to review and include the assessment result into school improvement plan
  • Organize forums on quality public education at school level, district and provincial level