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CASTING A WIDER NET: More Consultation needed for the Kampot Pier Project


Casting a Wider Net: More Consultation needed for the Kampot Pier Project

In 2016 ActionAid Cambodia worked with an independent research team from RightsStart to conduct an investigative research on the extent and impacts of an infrastructure development project (Kampot Pier Project) in Kampot province which is financially supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The research took place between August – December 2016 which involved the review of relevant documents, interviewed government officials at national and sub-national levels as well as the residents of the Trapeang Sangkae and Koun Satv communes, and visited the project site in Chum Kriel Commune, and three validation workshops. The research report was finalized and published in Khmer and English language in January 2017, and officially launched on June 26th 2017 in Kampot province.

This report assesses the potential impact of the Kampot Pier Project on land rights, livelihoods and the right to consultation for people living in the adjacent communes of Chum Kriel, Trapeang Sangkae and Koun Satv, Kampot Province.